Das Schlumpfine-Prinzip

Veröffentlicht: April 25, 2011 in Kultur, Offene Gesellschaft, Pluralismus, Uncategorized

(h/t an jemanden, die ich leider nicht mehr wieder finde)

  1. aleon sagt:

    Interesting… but I think the problem is „women“. We tend to be delighted with these characters….
    Besides….it is just a show. Could you imagine a show only with women??? For God sake! The only one that works is „The golden girls“ and only because the screenplayers are MEN!!!
    OK… don’t kill me ladies…

    • aleon sagt:

      I meant „screenplays“… I am sorry, I am a woman :-P

    • JayJay sagt:

      Well, there are some very „male“ films, like „300“ oder „Crank“. Yes, they are somtime rather „Macho“. But instead of admitting it, some films feature a woman in klischeed position. „Inception“ is the best example, I still don´t know why she (yes, me too… I forgot her film-name) has to be in the film, her role is pure „We make a male dominated film, but don’t tell the audience“. It annoys me to see those structures. It is the pervertion of diversification. „Crank“ (or any other Jason Statham film), as silly as this film is, is much more honest.

      A film just with women? „Faster Pussycat Kill Kill“? „Sex and the City“? Ok, bad examle: Louis Vitton, clothes and senseless blabla about sex and shoes is not how I see womanhood. But perhaps, being male, I’m biased and there is no deeper feminine level?

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  3. aleon sagt:

    Hey! Where is the Monday morning motivator???

  4. CK sagt:

    I like Inception. Perhaps only a sensitive woman could save the leading male from his nightmares of his dead wife. What about this theory?

    But nevertheless this is a very interesting video. And a good argument to praise Joss Whedon, because all his series (from Buffy and Angel to Dollhouse) involved a lot of strong women, not only reducable to cliché-females and male dreams.

    • JayJay sagt:

      What about this theory?

      The „sensitivie woman“ is already such a klichee. It is the image of the woman as „muse“, a passive inspiration, a thing consumable by the acting man.

      because all his series (from Buffy and Angel to Dollhouse) involved a lot of strong women

      Really? I saw these series more as a caricature, a naive „Let’s be strong“ in the obvious childish pattern.

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